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Baldwin Motorbike Saddles Optional Features

Below are some of the optional features we offer. If you are looking for something specific, please contact us with details about what you are wanting.


Baldwin Motorbike Saddles Heated Seat Options

You know you have been there. An early morning ride into work, being caught in a cold rain, or an unexpected cold front and your wondering where is that heat you feel in summer. At stops you are hugging the frame tight trying to soak up some much needed warmth, but there is just never enough to replenish the heat your body has lost. It is know the feeling.

Here is the way with a flip of a switch to bring warm comfort back to your ride. You reach down to turn the seat heat on and in no time you can feel the warmth. The warmth that changes your ride.

The On/Off switch is installed on the seat and for dual (driver and passenger) there is two switches. The heater connects easily to the battery with quick disconnects. For accessories connection, you must see your Dealer. Each unit draws approximately 33watts.

Heated Seat Option Prices
Luxury Heater - Rider $200
Luxury Heater - Rider & Passenger $385
Standard Heater - Rider $150
Standard Heater - Rider & Passenger $285


Seat Cover Options

  1. All Vinyl: The most durable, weather resistant and generally carefree choice, and offers the most color and texture choices.

  2. All Leather: For a richly appointed motorcycle accessories this is the only way to go. The additional effort required to protect, clean and condition an all leather Saddle is a small price to pay for the soft, supple, luxurious feel and appearance of genuine leather.

  3. Spacer Mesh seating surface. Rider only or rider & passenger

  4. If you are looking for something different, please contact us with details.

Quilting Patterns

Quilting patterns add some stylish design characteristics to a seat. Four patterns are available; Ribs, Diamonds, Squares, Rectangles. Due consider that quilting does give some additional height to the seat , something to consider for those riders looking for max reach to the ground.

Quilted Seat Option Prices Solo Dual
Ribs 25 50
Squares 35 70
Rectangules 35 70
Diamonds 45 90
Custom Pattern... will quote will quote