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Why Choose Baldwin Motorbike Saddles

We can take any brand of stock motorcycle seat and modify it into a custom motorcycle seat to increase rider and passenger comfort.  We can reshape the seat to improve comfort, and rebuild with our gel pad & orthopedic memory foam construction.  The final step will be handcrafting a new custom seat cover of out  vinyl or leather.
We construct each seat with a gel pad that reduces shock loads and dampens vibration, under a thick layer of pressure relieving orthopedic memory foam.  The orthopedic memory foam firmness is selected based on rider weight and build for that "Goldilocks" feel of...."Oh that is just right".  The custom shaping is built up using dense foam for a foundation of support. 

Below photos show example steps of construction of one of our "Sport Touring" style seats by our master craftsmen.
Stock seat prepared for foam foundation building.
Foundation foam built & shaped providing a larger support area than the factory seat shape.
Gel pad installed and ready for orthopedic memory foam.  The gel pad add "suspension" in the seat to help absorb road bumps & dampen vibration.
Orthopedic memory foam installed and shaped.  Ready for seat cover fabrication.  This is a very unique construction and more costly.  We feel it is worth it when it comes to comfort!!


If you are doing a custom motorcycle build and have a bare seat pan we can finish it into a custom seat for your custom motorcycle.




Drop us an email (Info@motorbikesaddles.com) to discuss your project and develop a quote on your project.