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We can turn your stock motorcycle seat into a gel motorcycle seat by installing a Pro Pad Polymer Gel Insert into your stock motorcycle seat.  We can install the gel insert into the riders position, pillion position or both positions.  We will remove the stock motorcycle seat cover, install the gel insert, and reinstall the stock cover.  Prices are dependent on the size of of the gel insert required to fit the seating surface of your stock motorcycle seat.

Pro Pad is a viscoelastic dry polymer seat insert that tolerates a wide range of operating temperatures: -60 degrees to +210 degrees.  Our polymer inserts are silicone-free and leave no film or residue that can destroy seat materials.  They stop "numb butt", reduce rider fatigue and shorten recovery time on very long rides. 

Pro Pad Polymer Gel Insert Size
Installed Price
Small; Approx 7" x 10" $82.95
Medium; Approx 10" x 14" $110.95
Large; Approx 12" x 16" $125.95
Super Cruz; Approx 16" x 17" $144.95
Touring; Approx 14" x 16.5" $151.95
Extra Large; Approx 19' x 20" $163.95

Plus Return Shipping Cost

Drop us an email (Info@motorbikesaddles.com) to schedule shipping your stock motorcycle seat in to us for Pro Pad Polymer Gel Insert installation.   We will send a PayPal invoice once we determine the size of Pro Pad Polymer insert(s) required for your motorcycle seat size.  Lead time is dependent on current shop work load, but is typically less than 5 business days.