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Kawasaki Versys Custom Cafe Styled Seats
2008-2011 Models

Shown are two examples of our custom cafe styled seat for Kawasaki Versys Motorcycles.  Shown in Black Vanguard Leather Embossed Vinyl and Black Carbon Fiber Embossed Vinyl with Nickel Top Stitching. 

The other Shown in Black Vanguard Leather Embossed Vinyl and Black Ostrich Embossed Vinyl with Lime Green Top Stitching.


To handcraft our Kawasaki Versys custom seats we take your stock Kawasaki Versys seat and contour the seat to eliminate the forward slope and create more neutral riding position with out the forward push the stock seat gives.   A Pro Pad gel insert is installed and a 1" layer of high quality memory foam is added to the riders position for body molding comfort.  The final step is hand making and fitting a custom fit and sewn cover made from high quality marine grade vinyl or full grain leather depending on what seat options you select.

Key Benefits

Standard Options To Select From
Black "Leather Like" Embossed Vinyl
Black Carbon Fiber Embossed Vinyl
Black Ostrich Embossed Vinyl
Colored Top Stitching on French Seams
Black Full Grain Leather Covering upgrade

Seat Top Stitching Standard Color Options



Red Wine

Cherry Red

Yale Blue

Dusk Blue

Navy Blue





Old Gold


Lime Green


Burnt Orange

If you are looking for a thread color not list just ask for it!


Kawasaki Versys Custom Seats
All Model Years
SKU # Price

Now Available
Seat Core Exchange

Prices Are For
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Custom Saddle With Vinyl Cover & Pro Pad Gel Insert VCAFEVG $525.00
Custom Saddle With Leather Cover & Pro Pad Gel Insert.  Leather Care VCAFELG $700.00
If you are looking for something different just ask. 

Email to schedule your Kawasaki Versys seat customizing.


Select Saddle Option
Top Stitching Color
Cover #1 -Vinyl Options
Cover #2 - Vinyl Options
Cover #3 - Vinyl Options
Rider Height, Weight, & Inseam


$200 Refundable Core Charge - Build on Baldwin Seat Core

Returned seat must be in good condition and unmodified from OEM condition. 
If returned OEM seat pan or foam is damaged or has been modified or altered
core refund may be forfeited.  Seat core must be returned within 45 days of saddle
delivery date.
Read about seat core program HERE