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You know you have been there.  An early morning ride into work, being caught in a cold rain, or an unexpected cold front and your wondering where is that heat you feel in summer.  At stops you are hugging the frame tight trying to soak up some much needed warmth, but there is just never enough to replenish the heat your body has lost.  It is painful...you know the feeling.

Here is the way with a flip of a switch to bring warm comfort back to your ride.  You reach down to turn the seat heat on and in no time you can feel the warmth.  The warmth that changes your ride.

Heated Motorcycle Seat Options For Our Custom Saddles.

Kawasaki Concours 14
Shown Luxury Heat For Rider
and Passenger

Luxury Heater - Rider $200  

Seat Heater Option


Luxury Heater - Rider & Passenger $385
Standard Heater - Rider $150
Standard Heater - Rider & Passenger $285

Standard Seat Heaters
This single temperature motorcycle seat heater has a bi-metal thermostat for temperature control. The heaters quickly warm the seat for rider comfort on the coldest days. Once the desired temperature is reached, the seat heater can be turned off.


Luxury Seat Heaters have a
Hi & Lo temperature setting.

The key component is a waterproof digital temperature controller that provides more consistent and controlled heating. The system features two tightly regulated temperature levels, high and low, for rider comfort. The controller also has an automatic shut-off function after 1 hour of continuous operation


Rider Seat Heater Draws 30 Watts
Passenger Seat Heater Draws 30 Watts

Heater and switches are installed in seat.  Wire Harness provided to connect to motorcycle 12v system.  Installation guide and wire diagram provided.  Basic understanding of motorcycle electrical system required for installation on motorcycle.