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Stock Seat Core Exchange & Core Deposits

I know as a rider how much it hurts to have PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome).  For that reason I try to keep a supply of good quality used stock seats on hand to build new saddles on and be able to supply you my valued customer with a new custom saddle without you having to give up your stock seat for a week or two while the work is being done.  To keep my supply of stock seat available to the next guy I charge a refundable core deposit if you want to use the Core Exchange Program.  Once you receive your new saddle, you ship me your "in good condition" stock seat and then I refund your core deposit.  It keeps you riding until you get your new custom saddle, and gives the same benefit to the next guy.  If you want to keep your stock seat then you forfeit the core deposit.  Core charges vary with the cost to replace the core. 

How it works;
    1) Add "Refundable Core Charge - Build on Baldwin Seat Core" Item to your shopping cart from the seat ordering page.
    2) We build your new custom seat on one of our stock seat cores.
    3) We ship you your new Baldwin Saddle
    4) When you receive your new Baldwin Saddle, you ship your in good condition stock seat to us.
    5) When we receive your stock seat, we refund your core deposit to your credit card, Paypal account...etc depending how you paid for your order.


If you have questions about how this works, please ask.