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Welcome to  Baldwin Motorbike Saddles maker of handcrafted motorcycle seats.

I am a motorcycle enthusiasts and like anything on two wheels.  It's something I picked up as a kid and will always be with me.  I also have been recovering seats on "bikes" since I was a kid starting with the banana seat on my Yamaha Moto-bike.  In more recent years I have fallen in love with taking long road trips on a motorcycle, but I just couldn't fall in love with those darn stock seats.  Literally, what a PAIN, so to make the first love more fun I have been continuing what I started out years ago on that "Moto-bike" and that is customize and recovering my seats and turning them into custom saddles that create comfort for long road trips.  I decided to take these passions and turn them into a cottage business that would let me share these passions with other motorcycle enthusiasts.  It lets me make friends with other riders, spend my days doing something I enjoy, and I get to hang around motorcycles along the way.


Motorbikes?  Because I had so much freedom on my Yamaha Moto-bike...it's about a deep passion for me.

Saddles? Because you don't sit on a motorbike you ride it.   Seats are for sitting.  Saddles are for riding and I love riding!

May all your roads be smooth and curvy,

Max Baldwin
Saddle Maker
Baldwin Motorbike Saddles



Voluptuous Velma my
Kawasaki Concours 14
in the Rocky Mountains